Shiro Intertubes


Shiro has brought back their discontinued Intertubes and they are available for the last couple days of June.  I had heard so many great things about these little lippes so of course I ignored my wallets sobs and picked some up!

For those of you that haven’t tried Shiro Cosmetics, you need to head over there and get some Shiro in your lives! Those of you that have tried Shiro know how great they are and this post is just me further enabling you and encouraging that next purchase!  My Shiro collection is still growing but before the door closes on the intertubes, I thought I should swatch all my Shiro lippies for ya’ll.

First Up, Balms!


With Eyes Unclouded right, and A Girl and A Cat left.

I have 2 of the balms and I really do love them.  They have a really smooth texture, a hint of colour and they leave my lips feeling baby soft and moisturized. I can already tell that I will slowly accumulate all of them, some of them I am sure I will pick up doubles of.  I keep one in my purse and it’s great to throw it on if my lips are crying for moisture or if I feel like I need a bit more colour. Links are provided with each swatch that take you to the product page.

Bare lips for reference:


Naked Lips….Scandalous!

With Eyes Unclouded 


With Eyes Unclouded, 2 passes over lips.

Described as a sheer brick red with a slight brown undertone on Shiro’s website.  This is a pretty accurate description.  It comes out a nice brick orange/red colour with just enough brown to ground it. It is a bit build-able but you don’t want to add too much or I find it doesn’t last as long. With more passes this one looks like the swatch on the website but I find more than 2 makes my lips feel slippery and as if I have too much on.

A Girl and A Cat


A Girl and A Cat, 2 passes over lips.

The description on the website describes this as a deep purple in the tube that applies as a medium-sheer berry.  Love this purple! This is very close to the swatch on the site, even only with 2 passes, and with another pass it looks exactly like it.  I really appreciate sites that have accurate swatches and this one lives up to the swatch!

And the Intertubes!


These are much more build-able than the balms and are great if you want a big pop of colour.  I am more into subtle pops of colour and so I use these with a lighter hand.  I usually swipe it once, smoosh my lips and then even out the colour with my finger. The texture varies between the colours and I have heard that these have a tendency to become gritty but am hoping that this doesn’t happen any time soon!

Bare lips for reference:


Naked Lips


Why Not Zoidberg?


Why Not Zoidberg? 1 pass on both top and bottom, evened out colour with finger.

Why did I not buy this sooner!? Everyone on was raving about how great this colour was but when I looked at swatches it was meh in my mind. I bought it anyways and oh god, I love this colour! It’s described as a bright coral that can be applied moderately opaque or be built up to full opacity.  This is exactly like the swatch online when applied a bit heavier.  It can be applied lighter (as above) or darker for more of a pop.



Rickrolled, 1 pass with colour evened out with finger.

This is supposed to be a red-orange but can appear coral.  This Intertube is flavoured with real ginger and this may cause a mild stinging or a ‘plumping’ effect.  I didn’t notice this effect or the flavour.  Like Why Not Zoidberg? this may be applied sheer or built up to moderate opacity.  When applied with a lighter hand this is more coral but this is closer to the swatch on the website when applied heavily.



Magnets, 1 pass with colour evened out with finger.

This is described as a plum with strong silver sheen that ay be applied sheer or built up to near-full opacity.  I don’t get the silver sheen as strong as it appears in the online swatch but this may be because I don’t apply it to full opacity. Even with a light hand this one applies very close to the online swatch.  It is a great everyday colour that adds a bit of VaVaVoom to my day.  This one has a lovely texture; it’s very smooth and just glides right on.

Team Buffy


Team Buffy, 1 pass with colour evened out with finger.

This is what I wish my lips looked like all the time.  This is a nice natural colour that doesn’t advertise that you are wearing a lip colour. This is a vampy plum/raisin colour that can be applied sheer or built up to moderate opacity.  I have applied it very lightly but when built up this is a very bold colour.  The swatch online is very accurate.  Just like Magnets, this colour has a great texture and just glides onto your lips.

All the Swatches!

I am about a MAC NC10/15.  Swatches are done with a light hand and in natural light.


Left to right: Team Buffy, Magnets, Rickrolled, Why Not Zoidberg, A Girl and A Cat, With Eyes Unclouded.


Left to right: Why Not Zoidberg?, A Girl and A Cat, and With Eyes Unclouded.


Left to right: Team Buffy, Magnets, and Rickrolled.

Aren’t they so pretty! My lip collection keeps growing and with products like these, I am not about to stop it.  The intertubes are around for a couple more days on Shiro’s website and they can be found here.  Grab them before they’re gone at the end of June and pop a couple of those lip balms in there for good measure.  If you really want to cover your bases you should grab some samples of the eyeshadows too, and the finishing powder! Alright, I’m done enabling.  Have fun!

(All reviews and statements are my honest opinions, and all products are purchased by me unless otherwise explicitly stated.)