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My Beauty Addiction Samples

If my recent lipstick haul wasn’t enough, this sample haul from My Beauty Addiction may convince you of my new addiction to lipstick.  I bought 3 of the sample packs (3 for $4) during the recent back to school sale they had and got the colours Flaunt, Exotic Orchid, Cranberry, Fire Island, Bronze berry, Coral Crush, Mauvalicious, Sinful, and Red Hot.  Flaunt is a HD Lip Paint and the rest are the Color Rich Lipstick formula.  I also got a lip scrub in Frosty Mint!

For my international friends, shipping was a bit steep at $9 for this order.  I justified it with the coupon code (20% off) but I would not make a purchase without a coupon simply because of the shipping.


Samples come in clamshells and include a generous amount of the lipstick so you can get a couple wears in before you decide if you want a full size.  I used a brush to apply them but you could easily use your finger for fast and easy application.

Formula Descriptions:

The Color Rich Lipstick formula has Vitamin E and Shea Butter for a “nourishing & healing lipstick that delivers maximum colour”. This is supposed to deliver intense opaque colour and is not a sheer color, or a lip tint.

HD Lip Paints are described as very vivid and intense lipsticks that use a dye base rather than a mica base. These “intense, vivid colors that are opaque and offer great coverage, matte to semi matte finish and long wear”.


Bronze Berry

P1010035 P1010038

Bronze Berry does not have a very descriptive online description: “a cross between our Frosted Bronze and Mauvalicious making for an extrememly beautiful & unique shade!” Okay, so what does that mean? Well Frosted Bronze is described as “a warm bronzey shade that is super frosty” and Mauvalicious is “a beautiful frosted mauvy-pink with a pink/purple undertone.”  The online swatch is slightly more pink than I found it to be.

This colour is a very pretty mauve/pink bronze.  It is slightly metallic without looking like you have metal lips and applied evenly and easily.  It did not require more than one coat for the nice opaque colour in the picture!

During wear, there was minimal feathering and the formula is pretty moisturizing.  My lips did not feel dry but the lipstick needed to be re-applied after about 1-2 hours.


P1010039 P1010040

This is described as a “rich red with a pink undertone”.  This wasn’t the easiest to apply and because of this the colour isn’t as opaque as it could be.  To achieve the colour of the online swatch you would need to apply more, making it quite thick on your lips and affecting your wear time.

I found that the colour in real life was a reddish pink with a bit of shimmer.  This lasted 2 hours before needing re-application but I found it was quite drying after a while.

Exotic Orchid

P1010041 P1010044

The online swatch makes this colour seem a little more muted, but don’t be mistaken! This is a very bright purple!  I wish I could wear this colour more often but it is perfect for someone that likes to have bright, statement lips!  This is described as a “light medium purple with a hint of pink in undertone, opaque and has a semi-matte finish.”

I used 2 coats to achieve full opacity and it has a lovely semi-matte finish.  The formula was smooth and easy to apply but this colour required touchups quite often as it was obvious when it started to wear off and my natural lip colour came through.

Coral Crush

P1010046 P1010047

This is described as a “a soft peachy-pink shade with a hint of magenta underglow.”  The online swatch for this colour is a lot more pink than I found this to be.  I think this is more of a neutral pink than it is portrayed as on the website.  The magenta is just a whisper of an underglow, making this more pink than brown.

This is a nice neutral colour for when you want to do something a bit brighter on your eyes.  It lasted 3 hours before needing reapplication and was pretty moisturizing.


P1010048 P1010050

This is supposed to be a “bright, light coral/orange”.  Flaunt is the only HD Lip Paint that I got a sample of and it isn’t my favourite formula.  I found it was more difficult to apply and get even coverage, and it settles into my lines.  It was a bit patchy and streaky, and didn’t apply evenly.  The formula made my lips feel really dry too.

The online swatch isn’t quite as orange as this colour appeared in real life, as I found it to be a light coral that leaned orange but that could still be worn day to day.  This required reapplication at the 1 hour mark as I found I kept licking my lips since they felt dry.  Even with a lip balm, this colour sucked the moisture away!


P1010051 P1010052

This is described as a “beautiful frosted mauvy-pink with a pink/purple undertone”. I love this colour and the description and online swatch are almost dead on for this colour!  This has a pretty frosted appliance that stops the colour from being too bright, muting it and bringing it down to earth.

This was pretty moisturizing and I didn’t feel like my lips were dying.  It settled a bit in my lines but not too horribly.  Reapplication was required after about 2 hours.  I like this colour and think it is great for a darker look while still being work/school appropriate.

Fire Island

P1010053 P1010056

This lipstick was a pain in the butt to apply; you can tell by the swatch that it fought me!  This applied splotchy and streaky; I had to work really hard to get even coverage.  It is a shame since it is such a pretty deep red.

This is described online as a “deep spiced red with an orange undertone” and the description is very accurate.  The online swatch is more of a true red than the lipstick is in real life but matches the lipstick in the clamshell before application.  Applied I found it leans more orange (like the description says) and has a slight metallic edge.

This required reapplication after about an hour and it did not wear evenly.  It was okay for moisture, not horribly drying but not pumping moisture into my lips either.

Red Hot

P1010057 P1010058

The description of this one is that it is a “deep hot red with a hint of warmth.”  It might be a difference in lighting for the difference between the lipstick in real life and in the online swatch, but they aren’t even close.  The swatch is much more pink where I found the lipstick to be very orange in real life.


P1010059 P1010060

This is supposed to be a “rich wine/red shade” but I find it to be more of a deep brown purple shade. This colour is a beautiful deep colour that can add drama to any look even though the colour doesn’t match the online swatch at all.  The online swatch is much lighter and pinker than the lipstick in real life.

This will be a great colour for the winter months! It needed reapplication after 2 hours but was good on the moisture front.  It feathered a bit but nothing a good lip liner can’t handle.

Lip Scrub


Don’t mind my finger prints!


The lip scrub doesn’t really look anything like the picture on the website but the appearance isn’t very important to me.  I’m much more concerned with if it actually works!

This lip scrub contains shea butter, jojoba oil, cane sugar, jojoba beads, and flavour oil. You apply it to your lips with your finger, smooth your lips together and massage it in, wipe it off when the sugar dissolves, and finish off with lip balm to lock in the moisture. This applies really easily and smells awesome! It’s like a vanilla mint and tastes like one of those soft pillow mints!  My lips are left soft but not sticky after using the scrub.  This is a 10/10 for me and I want more!


I found that some of the lipsticks were awesome, and others not so much.  Most of them were the same formula so the application issues and varying moisturizing qualities can’t be attributed to the formula.  Maybe I got a couple fluke samples? It is possible that a couple had dried out a little in the clamshells.

Overall it was a pretty good experience, more good than bad.  I will be getting more of the lips scrub but think I will pass on full sized lipsticks; I have so many already (61) that I don’t feel the absolute need to buy any of these in full size. Bronze Berry, Coral Crush, and Mauvalicious were my favourites out of my order, not including the lip scrub which was a big winner.

All in all, they’re worth a try if you’ve got a coupon code.  The samples were generous and you can get a couple uses out of them, especially if you use a brush to apply.


Performance Colors Haul


Before we jump into my wonderful Performance Colors haul I have an exciting side note! September 11 (this upcoming Thursday) I will be doing a guest post for Toxid Lotis at!!  I’m super excited but now onto the review!


Extensive…if only she knew the collection these lipsticks have joined.

I uh, bought a lot of lipsticks.  So much so that I was thanked for my ‘extensive’ lipstick purchase. I had heard quite a lot about this company regarding their lipsticks and now that I appear to have a small addiction to all things lips, I jumped right in.  Every thread I saw asking for a lipstick suggestion had Performance Colours pop up and with 3 for $10 I got 15.  With my order I also received 2 eyeliners as a thank you gift! She gives extras with every order $20 and over (shipping not included) and samples with every order over $10 (not including shipping.

I bought the lipsticks with the 3 for $10 pack and shipping was $9.70 to Canada. It came in a box instead of a bubble mailer but was well packed and everything came safe and sound.  The order was made August 18th and I received it on the 28th.  10 days for an international order isn’t too shabby!


The formulas I purchased were the Restorative Lipstick formula and the Matte Lipstick formula.  The Restorative lipsticks are made with shea butter, jojoba oil, and beeswax.  These are advertised as being “nourishing, lightweight, and nongreasy – the perfect balance of color, shimmer, and healing protection”. They are also apparently sweetened with stevia although I did not really notice any sweetness but I don’t make a habit of eating my lip balms (it might explain why someone on Facebook mentioned their dog ate all their lipsticks though).  I found the formula to be very creamy and moisturizing.  As promised these were light weight and non greasy, and my lips felt so soft afterward! It was like I had been using lip balm! Wear time for the Restorative lipsticks was about 4-5 hours (drinking and even eating non-greasy foods) which is pretty awesome, especially since I am a smoosher (I like to smooth my lips together lots).

The Matte formula is suppose to be lightweight and non-sticky. They don’t have any mica so they won’t be reflective or sparkly and like the other lipstick there is a slight fragrance of vanilla, and they’re lightly sweetened with stevia.  The formula is nice, lightweight and non-drying.  I liked this much more than any other matte lipstick I have tried as I find they can be a bit drying although it did settle into my creases and lines a bit.  These lipsticks also lasted pretty long, going about 3 hours before fading and needing a touch up.

There are also Semi-Matte formula’s which are just like the matte formula but with a dewy finish.  These lasted about 4 hours and felt nice on my lips, moisturizing and light.  They too are slightly scented with vanilla and lightly sweetened with stevia but I couldn’t really tell.



Coral Kiss

Coral Kiss is up to bat first.  This lipstick was the only one of the bunch that did not have the smooth dimpled top.  This one resembled Hello Waffles balms.  I found that the lipstick looked more orange in the tube than it applies on the lips.  It is described as a ‘highly pigmented, medium peachy pink coral with gold sparks, opaque’ but it is more pink than peachy pink in my opinion.  The swatch on the website shows this being a lot more orange than mine showed up as.


Indirect natural light

The gold sparkles did not play well with my camera although you can see them a tiny bit in the direct light photo (on the top lip).  They are more noticeable in real life although they do not over power the lipstick.  I am always weary about glitter in lipstick as I feel it can easily be too much and look like you got attacked by fairies. It’s not usually my thing but the glitter in this lipstick was subtle (as subtle as glitter can be anyways) and I actually liked it.


Direct sunlight Come out to play sparkles!




This colour’s description is “dark violet brown colour, gives that dewy full coverage velvety look” and there was no available swatch online.  It is a beautiful plum colour that can be applied lightly for a lighter more natural look, or applied a bit heavier to show off the purple.


Indirect natural light, applied lightly.


Indirect natural light, applied more heavily




Samba’s description is simply that it is a “highly wearable light natural pink colour” and it is listed as a “Neutral Flesh Pink”.  I would describe it as a brown leaning natural pink tone.  This is very brown in the tube but applies more pink and is a lovely neutral colour; it’s great for everyday wear! The swatch online is pretty darn accurate although it appears a bit more pink (my yellow undertones may tone that down a bit).  If you’re a pale gal like me, this is a good neutral colour to try.


Indirect natural light




I asked the Mr. if this lip colour temped him, he just rolled his eyes.  So if you are looking for a siren song of a lipstick that will have men begging for a kiss, this is not it but it is still a pretty damn nice colour.  This is a “natural neutral pink honey colour” and like Samba, it is a great colour for everyday wear.  The online swatch is a slight bit more pink but still very close to true colour.


Indirect natural light

Pink Chocolate


Pink Choco

I apologize for the bad photo of Pink Chocolate in the tube.  Apparently the original photo was having a difficult time and ran away so I had to take a new photo after it had been used.  This colour had been suggested as a My Lips But Better Colour so I added to my list of colours I must have! It is described as a “opaque neutral brown pink” and that pretty much nails the nail on the head. The online swatch is a bit more pink but I love it just the same.  This colour has quickly been one I find I reach for everyday and I will be buying another one to keep in my purse. It’s a great MLBB colour that’s a bit deeper than temptress and a bit pinker than Samba.


Indirect natural light




This is a great colour to be paired with a bright eye look, understated and natural.  It is described as “a light pinkish neutral flesh tone with a touch of cocoa, perfect for pale and light skinned beauties”.  I’m about a NC15 for these swatches and it works great with my skin tone but it is a pretty light colour that may be too light for many people.  It is a true matte with no shine/gloss that gives a very natural look.  I will be using this when I want to go a little crazy on my eyes or when I want a natural understated look.


Indirect natural light


Direct light to demonstrate how matte it is




Does any one else think of the Spice Girls when they hear Posh? That’s where my mind goes and I actually think this is a colour that you’d see on that character.  This is described as an “opaque toned down neutral coral adobe colour”.  This is a wearable orange coral in a semi-matte formula. It leans a bit more pink in indirect sunlight and orange in direct sunlight.


Indirect natural light


Direct natural light




I have discovered with Performance Colors lipsticks that you can’t rely on the appearance in the tube for an accurate colour.  Many of these lipsticks look very different on the lips from their appearance in the tubes.  Showdown is a bit more burnt orangey red in the tube than on the lips.  It is described as a “warm bright deep corally burnt lighter warm red”.  Uh, yeah, that’s pretty close.  It is like a pink leaning burnt coral colour…but only slightly burnt, like a toasted marshmallow, not burnt like when the marshmallow catches on fire.


Indirect natural light




The description for this online is “a warm neutral and reads pinkish taupe but has rose reflections and coco/plum low color in it”.  The swatch on the website shows the plum colour but I didn’t really get any of that in my swatch, just the pink taupe with a bit of rose.  This is a nice neutral colour with a little bit of a girlish edge from the pink tones.  It is much pinker on the lips than it appears in the tube.


Indirect natural light




If you want a statement colour, this is one you should try! This is described as a “neon deep peach coral lipstick”.  The description and online swatch are pretty accurate as this is a bright peach coral lipstick.  This is the deep orange/red colour you find on the mango’s skin, popping out between the red and green colouring.  It is definitely a BAM POW! colour and although I didn’t think it would get a lot of use, I find myself reaching for it a lot.


Indirect natural light




In the tube, this is a deep brick red but once on it transforms into a red pink colour.  This is described as a “super-saturated, semi-transparent saucy deep pink red” although I did not find it very transparent.  It applied evenly and opaque so if you are looking for a tinted balm like colour, that is not what this is.  


Indirect natural light


Direct natural light




The description for this lipstick, “deep neutral rose flesh tone”, is very accurate although I find the online swatch is not.  The only way I could see the swatch online being achievable is to layer a lot of this lipstick on as the swatch is quite red and the lipstick in real life is a nice rose.  This is another MLBB colour and it is at the front of my Performance Colors lipstick stash as it is one of my personal favourites.  I will also be grabbing a second Rumor for my purse so I can re-apply while singing to Adele.


Indirect natural light


Direct natural light




This is described as a neon colour but it doesn’t jump out as a neon like Mango does.  The description, “shiny and reflective in neon lilac pink colour”, is a bit off as I don’t really consider this a neon colour, it isn’t quite bright enough, and it isn’t exactly shiny.  It is however a beautiful lilac pink with little flecks of sparkle and shimmer.


Indirect natural light

Black Cherry


Black Cherry

If you want a just bitten look, this is a colour for you!  This is described as a “deep dark berry black red with red sparks”.  This is a beautiful black cherry colour, a very wearable purple/red. The online swatch is pretty accurate although the colour is more purple in the shade/artificial light.


Indirect natural light

The sparkles in this lipstick are also camera shy but they are there.  They aren’t in your face but the subtle red sparkle they add to the colour balances out the purple.


Direct natural light, blurry for sparkles.

Zombie Bride

First off, this colour is highly transferable.  Second, my boyfriend rocks purple kisses. In the tube this is a very dark purple with ripples of blue shimmer; I tried to capture the blue sparkles that dance on the surface of the lipstick in the tube in the image.


Zombie Bride

This is described as “blue sheen and high reflection in a violet purple colour, looks different colors from different angles”.  This a a lovely violet purple with blue shimmer throughout and appears more pink or more purple depending how you look at it.  It is stunning on!  It can be a bit streaky when applied but using a brush helps even it out.


Indirect natural light


Direct natural light

Arm Swatches!


Coral Kiss and the purples!


Left to right: Coral Kiss, Incognito, Vertigo, Black Cherry, Zombie Bride Indirect natural light


Left to right: Coral Kiss, Incognito, Vertigo, Black Cherry, Zombie Bride Direct natural light


The Mattes and the Oranges


Left to right: Rumor, Hush, Showdown, Gingerheart, Mango Indirect natural light


Left to right: Rumor, Hush, Showdown, Gingerheart, Mango Direct natural light


The Neutrals!



Left to right: Samba, Pink Choco, Temptress, Easystreet, Posh Indirect natural light


Left to right: Samba, Pink Choco, Temptress, Easystreet, Posh Direct natural light

Thank You Gift: Eyeliners


Black Pear and Emerald

As my order thank you, I received 2 eyeliners in Black Pearl (which I can’t find on the site) and Emerald.  These are supposed to be “creamy and soft drying down to smudgeproof, waterproof line”.


The Emerald liner was so soft that the tip came right off and later, the whole exposed liner came off.  I did not have this issue with the Black Pearl.


Maybe a little too soft

The Emerald is a dark green with some green sparkles.  Smudged out it is a beautiful dark sagey green with shimmer and sparkle.


Indirect natural light


Direct natural light

Black Pearl is a deep black with multi coloured sparkles that blends to a nice charcoal grey.  The black was more difficult to smudge than the emerald.


Indirect natural light


Direct natural light

These are supposed to dry after 30-60 seconds to leave time for corrections but I found I had to wait closer to 3 minutes before they were decently smudge proof.  They are pretty water proof and resisted even my makeup remover! The black also stained my ghost white skin.  These were nice eyeliners although I wished the Emerald was a bit less creamy as it doesn’t really work as a pencil liner.

Final Thoughts

I really like the products I got and am not unhappy with any of them.  There are some that the websites swatches or descriptions were not great for and others I will will wear more than some but overall I am very happy with my purchase.  The formulas for the lipsticks are very nice and I didn’t have dried lips while wearing them.  The eyeliners are nice and smudge-able, decently waterproof but take a little longer to dry.  The lipsticks get a 9/10 and the eyeliners a 8/10 from me.

Customer service was great, she responded very quickly to questions (why was there 2 Samba listings? Were they different?) and fixed issues right away.  This shop in general gets a 10/10 from me and I will be buying from her again!

(All reviews and statements are my honest personal opinions. I have purchased all the products I have written about unless otherwise explicitly stated. I have not accepted payment for any of my reviews.)