Haus of Gloi Autumn 2014 Part 1!


Wrapped up all pretty like!

This order is actually a combination of 3 orders! I made an order during part 1 and Haus of Gloi graciously said they would hold it until part 2.  I made 2 orders in the chaos of part 2 and then gave the go ahead to ship it all out.  They shipped it the next day! It took about a week and a half to get to me here in Canada which was a blessing as I really wanted to get my hands on these goodies! This was my first time trying any of the Haus of Gloi bath and body products although I have tried a couple of their perfumes.

Because I have such a large amount to review I will be splitting this review into 2 parts. Part 1 (this one) will include the 5 perfumes and the 3 pumpkin butters. Part 2 will include the 5 whipped soaps and 2 bath bombs! You ready? I’m ready…and really, really clean from the amount of bathing I’ve been doing to try everything out!


Left to Right: Persephone’s Descent, Pumpkin Eater, Pumpkin Queen, S’mores, Old Cider Haus (x2)

I blind bought a full size of Pumpkin Queen and ordered samples of Persephone’s Descent, Pumpkin Eater, S’mores, and Old Cider Haus.  My free sample was also Old Cider Haus so I have 2 of those I guess.  I would have preferred a sample of one of the scents I hadn’t ordered but I’m guessing they were so overwhelmingly busy that they didn’t notice the small things like that.

Pumpkin Queen

Store description: Gentle hay pillows, pumpkin, ripe peaches dusted with clove and nutmeg, dried summer herbs and lastly, a lovely crown of amber

In the bottle it smells sweet and earthy with a hint of spice from the clove and nutmeg.  Once applied the pumpkin blossoms into sweet loveliness, a ballet dancer in centre stage.  The clove and nutmeg join the show aiding the pumpkin with beautiful lifts and twirls.  After about 30 minutes the herbs and hay join the show, bringing back the earthiness from the initial sniff.  They dance with the other scents, mingling and twirling.  The scent is very balanced with the amber applauding now and then but not fully joining in.  This is an earthy, spicy pumpkin scent.

This lasts about 4 hours on me before moving closer to my skin.  Sillage is pretty good until that point.  Total, it lasted 6 hours.

Pumpkin Eater

Store description: Cream, glowing pumpkin, rich vanilla bean and the tiniest touch of nutmeg butter.

I wish I had grabbed this in a full size! Every-time I checked back after receiving my package it was sold out!  In the vial this a warm, slightly sweet scent.  Applied the cream envelopes the pumpkin in a hug full of sweetness and warmth.  Most cream and milk notes go sour on my skin but this scent is all love and hugs.  The vanilla jumps right in, just like that overly happy and touchy kid in school.  He joins the hug and amps up the sweetness without giving anyone a toothache.  The nutmeg is there watching, wanting to join the hug and feel the warm affection but too shy and scared of rejection.  She kind of hovers in the background, a backdrop for the other scents.  All in all this is a lightly sweet, creamy pumpkin scent.

This lasted 3 hours on my skin before moving closer to my skin to linger for another hour.  The silage wasn’t as strong as Pumpkin Queen but I caught wiffs of it here and there.

Persephone’s Descent

Store description: Pomegranate, pale musk, narcissus blossom and black amber.

Sweet, sweet, almost sickeningly sweet fruit and flower.  In the vial it smells like artificial candy and on my skin it doesn’t get much better.  To be honest, I am not a huge fan of fruity or floral scents but a few recent adventurous picks involving fruit and floral notes worked really well so I thought I would try this!

On me this is fake pomegranate.  It smells like I sprayed my pomegranate flavour spray (for water) into a vase of flowers. The musk and amber amp the sweetness up, making intolerable for me.  After 30 minutes the musk and amber back off a little but the pomegranate and narcissus continue their assault on my senses.  They brandish pitchforks and shovels, rushing forward over and over again! I couldn’t handle it.  I washed this off after an hour.  Sillage was great, unfortunately for me.

This just wasn’t for me.  If you like sweet florals and fruits then try it but if you are wary of those notes then take heed of my warning!


Store description:  Graham cracker, dark chocolate, burnt marshmallow and a faint touch of woodsmoke.

In the vial this smells of golden graham cracker, gooey toasted marshmallows and a hint of dark, bitter chocolate.  The smoke doesn’t come out very much in the vial but it more than makes up for it when applied.  Once applied the graham cracker, marshmallow and dark chocolate chill out for a couple minutes, oblivious to the darkness stalking them.  Suddenly, around about the 10-15 minute mark, a masked intruder bursts through the door and slays the sweet scents where they stand.  The smoke stands there as a lone note surveying the scene and checking out the place for the next 5 hours.  If you were to walk past the house you would think it were burning as the scent of smoke is strong and unwavering.  As I left for the morning and locked my own door I was caught for a second wondering what was burning before I realized it was me!

After about 5 hours the souls of the poor sweet scents finally depart, the graham leaves right away eager to move on.  The marshmallow and chocolate stick around for a bit, ghosts of the scents they once were and barley mellowing out the smoke.  The scent lasts for 6 hours but is full on smoke for the vast majority of that time.  It floats around for about 3 hours before moving closer to the skin (to my relief) and then sticking around a bit longer.

Old Cider Haus

Store Description:  Old oak, sweet drying hay fields, crushed apple pulp and vanilla husks.

Oh how I wish I could love apple! This scent is an unrequited love story between myself and the notes I should love.  I love apples but apparently don’t love apple perfume.  In the vial this is sweet apple with a hint of vanilla to round out the scent.

Applied, the apple comes forth full of sweetness and a slight tartness.  He sings to me, caressing me with his voice but his pleas for my love only make me turn away.  The vanilla joins the chorus hoping aid her friend in his quest for love but to no avail.  I love vanilla, I do but with apple they just do not please my nose! Oak and hay, previously looking on from the distance take pity on their friend and join in with the hope that they can convince me that apple is the one for me.  Their voices mix and mingle, hay and oak in the background and vanilla providing harmony but their voices are no match for the strong and sweet apple.  After about an hour hay and oak give up and move on, wishing apple luck.  Only apple and vanilla are left and apple has come to believe that he’d be better on his own.  He tries to drown out vanilla but this just makes things worse and my refusal just makes him more desperate.  This ends up being a very strong apple scent on me with a slight appearance of the other scents.

This lasted 6 hours total, 4 hours floating around and 2 hours closer to the skin.

Pumpkin Butter


Left to Right: Pumpkin Eater, Pumpkin Queen, and Ghost Puffs

I picked up the little mini containers of the different Pumpkin Butters.  Since I had never actually tried any of the scents or the butter for that matter, I didn’t want to commit to big tubs in case I hated them! So I have these three cute little containers sitting happily in my bathroom.  With the exception of Ghost Puffs, the scent descriptions are the same as for the perfumes above.


The formula is thick and creamy, heavy enough to retain its shape when you scoop it out but not so heavy that it doesn’t soak into the skin.  The lotions soak in right away, leaving skin feeling really soft and supple. They’re not greasy and feel really nice on the skin.


Pumpkin Queen

This is super spicy in a pumpkin butter! The pumpkin adds a lovely sweetness and the amber rounds the scent out but the clove and nutmeg are definitely the stars of the show.  This scent sticks around for hours! I put it on at 5:00pm before dinner and could still smell it when I woke up at 8:00am the next morning!  When I got into the car my Mr. commented on how he liked the scent so it has great throw too!  The formula is a great bonus too, leaving me super soft as well as yummy smelling!

Pumpkin Eater

This is all pumpkin in the lotion! The vanilla and cream warm the scent and pulls the sweetness back a bit but nutmeg doesn’t really come out much.  Much like Pumpkin Queen, this scent sticks around for a long time (about 8 hours opposed to the 15 for Queen) and the lotion leaves me feeling like I have a baby’s butt where ever I applied it.

Ghost Puffs

Here’s my Ghost Puffs adventure: I ordered the pumpkin butter and whipped soap but when I received them they didn’t actually smell like anything!  I emailed them and received a reply the next day offering to replace my products (the whipped soap also lacked scent) and I replied saying I’d like a replacement pumpkin butter but would prefer a refund on my soap since I have so much of it. I never received an answer and had written a little blurb for this post about how it was disappointing but whatevs.  Imagine my surprise to see a little square package on the 18th of November from them.  A month after receiving no reply to my email and no refund, it completely caught me off guard.  I’ll dress this a little more below but now onto the review.

In the container it smells like cardboard.  It really wasn’t the marshmallow-y goodness I was expecting.  This weird cardboard scent (maybe it is supposed to be the wooden stick?) stuck around for a bit after I applied it but it slowly morphed into a light popcorn with the sweetness of marshmallow.  If I didn’t know that it was supposed to be orbs of buttery popcorn and marshmallow goo, presented on a wooden stick it wouldn’t have been the first description I would have come up with.  The scent is heavily sweet with the light popcorn with the edge of wood and cardboard.  It isn’t unpleasant and I found that I really enjoyed it but I was expecting more marshmallow and less generic sweetness.  This lasted 12 hours though, so the staying power makes up for any misgivings I had about the scent.

Summary for Part 1

So in general my experience with Haus of Gloi products was positive.  I know a few people are having some issues with customer service or items missing in their order due to Matt and Britton needing to get used to the growth of their company.  I wasn’t missing anything in my order and besides the lack of smell with my Ghost Puffs products and the double Old Cider Haus it was all very nice.  The lack of response to my email reply does concern me though as offering to replace products is great and all but you kind of need to let your customers know if you are going to follow through.  I replied stating I would love the pumpkin butter to be replaced but would prefer a refund on the whipped soap (I have so much soap now…) but never received a reply or a refund.  The replacement pumpkin butter was upgraded to a full size from the sample size and I think the logic is that it makes up for whipped soap (instead of a refund).  At this point I just don’t really care anymore.  It is frustrating but I had to ask myself if it was really worth fussing over.

On that note I have to say that Haus of Gloi’s customer service has been causing issues and has caused some people to stop buying from them.  I am sure they are super nice people, they seemed really lovely in all my emails with them but their lack of response and many mix ups are damaging customer perception.  Hopefully they are able to get through these growing pains and move out of this awkward indie puberty.  I really like their products but want to be confident that I am getting what I am ordering and that if I don’t, that it will be handled appropriately.

On a happier product related note, i’m wishing I had picked up a full sized Pumpkin Eater!  The pumpkin butters were super nice and I’ll be grabbing some full sizes in the future. I love how my skin feels after using them and how the scents linger for so long.  I don’t even need perfume!


All reviews and statements are my honest personal opinions. I have purchased all the products I have written about unless otherwise explicitly stated. I have not accepted payment for any of my reviews.



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