Soapy Sweet Treats


I recently won a Halloween Facebook contest hosted by Soapy Sweet Treats and my prize was their Whipped Sugar Scrub in Trick or Treat scent! I received this the other week and jumped in the bath to try it.


The packaging is so cute! The labels are waterproof and has fun colours for the different scents and products.  You will notice that my scrub is mislabelled as Shea Butter and I was a little confused before opening it to double check that it was a scrub.

Product description: This is not a foaming scrub or a cleanser. This product has a thick texture that will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft as if you have applied lotion. A very small amount goes a long way.


This scrub looks loaded with sugar! It is super soft and easy to scoop out.  It felt like thick icing loaded with sugar and it smelled awesome too!

Scent description: fruity Halloween candy with pumpkin, apple, blueberries, elderberries, orange, cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla.


To me this smells like sweet candy.  I get the fruity candy, sugar and vanilla which meld together to create a sweet and slightly tangy scent.  The pumpkin, apple, blueberries, elder berries and orange aren’t really distinguishable, it’s just a general fruity scent (like a fruit juice).  The cinnamon doesn’t come out at all so the scent is just sweet with no bite.

I initially loved the smell of this and the way it felt when you scooped it out but the scent is very strong and lingers for a while (like 3+ hours) after rinsing it off.  When I used it I liked the way it felt (scrubbiness was nice) but noticed that it kind of melts when I rubbed it on my warm, wet skin.  It was like Wholly Hemp’s lotions melt into a puddle but it was sugar scrub.  The melted scrub also left my skin feeling waxy and it repelled water, leaving it beaded up on my skin.  I tried to rinse it off as usual but had to wash it off with soap, twice.  My skin still felt a little waxy but not nearly as bad as before.  After the double wash the scent was still there with the slight waxy feeling and lingered for about an hour or two.


Melty Scrub


After trying the rinse off the scrub. That shininess isn’t from the water.

I emailed the owner of the shop about the waxiness of the scrub and her reply was:

“This is normal, it’s kind of like using a sugar scrub and applying lotion in one step. What was left on your skin is whipped shea butter :)”

Okay, that makes a little more sense but it is not my personal cup of tea.  I really didn’t like how I felt so waxy! It is definitely a unique product and I understand what the product description means now.

GIF’s demonstrating the waxing coating:


After rinsing the scrub off.


No scrub used on this hand


After wiping off my hand with a dry towel (after the last water test)


My skin was left feeling really soft and smooth but I really didn’t like how it felt like it was coating me.  If you need an exfoliation and moisture treatment all in one and don’t mind feeling a little waxy for a while, this is something to try.

The scent is very strong and from reading other reviews her products are strongly scented.  If you are sensitive to scent or want to use a whole lot of product (slather your whole body in lotion or scrub) then this is something to consider.  The scent also didn’t really reflect the description.  It smelled really nice but I didn’t get all the notes it was said to have.

I will be giving some of her other products a try in the future because they look really nice but the scrub isn’t on my list.  It just wasn’t for me.


Bonus Afro Scrub Man.

All reviews and statements are my honest personal opinions. I have purchased all the products I have written about unless otherwise explicitly stated. I have not accepted payment for any of my reviews


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