Kheimistrii Bath and Body Products!


A couple weeks ago I saw a post on Reddit about a new company someone had tried, Kheimistrii.  I checked them out and the products were calling my name so resisting the 40% off sale was futile.  I threw my money at the lovely owner Kheim and after receiving my order I wish I had ordered more! International shipping is a little steep (think Cocoa Pink prices vs. Solstice Scents) but her products are super lovely! The Etsy shop can be found here!


I ordered on October 11th and my order shipped on the 26th.  There was a slight delay with TAT due to Kheim being overwhelmed by the love Reddit threw at her (she ran out of 2 oz jars) but that’s still only 2 weeks even with the delay.  I have become accustomed to the longer TAT’s that come with indie products so this wasn’t something I was concerned with.  I received my package on November 5th so that was par for the international shipping course.  It came well packaged; everything wrapped in tissue and padded with peanuts.


I had reached out to Kheim regarding her products to see if they were made using a base as I wanted to make a purchase for my sister who is super sensitive to soap.  These products are all created by Kheim from scratch and many products are vegan friendly (not all so make sure you look for that if that is a concern for you).  The products were all created with sensitive skin in mind.


Let’s move onto the haul shall we?  I ordered 2 full sized whipped soaps in the scents Pumpkinhead and Goofballs, as well as a sample in Phantasm.  I picked up the Brown Sugar Scrub in Vanilla Sugar, and the Honey Please! honey scrub.  For lotions I snagged the Shea Soufflé in Sweet Cream and the Kreme Body Moisturizer in Ginger Glace and Vetyver & Banyan Fig.  I also picked up a bar of French Kiss soap.  Kheim was super generous with the soap samples and I got 4 extra samples in Asian Plum, Kimberly Rose, Tibetan Black Tea, and Ginger Glace!

Onto the Reviews!


Brown Sugar Cleansing Scrub

Product description:  This scrub is rich and thick, with no leaking mess to clean up. It goes on creamy and rinses away clean, with the added benefit of moisturizing & softening cocoa butter. No heavy after-feel or greasy residue left behind on skin. Use a bath pouf or sponge for tons of creamy, LUSCIOUS lather. 

The scent description for Vanilla Sugar is: Warm vanilla, spun sugar, aromatic santalum, milky coconut, infringed upon by spicy amber and musk. 


Look at that sugar!

This is definitely loaded with sugar and is very thick.  You have to dig in a bit with your fingers to get it out but once applied it soaps up and feels lovely.  The only concern with this one is to make sure you get a good lather or else the sugar kind of sticks to the skin and won’t move around (you can’t scrub if it doesn’t rub).  It rinses off well but having a little bit of a softer soap would benefit the scrubbiness a little more.  I feel like a babbled with all of that so hopefully it doesn’t sound like gibberish!

This leaves skin feeling really soft and clean without feeling squeaky.  I find that many soaps leave my skin feeling like the moisture has been stripped away and this doesn’t do that at all.

Honey Please! Body Polish


Product description: A yummi-licious body polish with Atlantic & Dead Sea Salts to help balance skin hydration and detoxify while Mango Butter & Honey add moisture and retains it.
Fragrance Notes: Honey, almonds & oats.

P1010724The formula for this is interesting.  I am used to scrubs just being soap with sugar added to it and this is definitely not a soap scrub.  Besides the beautiful colour this polish is like scooping out honey and slathering it all over, but better! This is just slightly thicker than honey and loaded with scrubbiness.  It also smells awesome! This smells like sweet oatmeal cookies made with almonds and honey!


This product is what I think of when I think of a scrub! The salt is fine and feels like it is buffing away all the imperfections.  The mango butter and honey moisturize the skin and it rinses away to leave soft, polished skin without leaving a residue.  I only picked up a sample of this but will be stocking up next time I make an order!

Whip’d Soap


Shop Description: Whip’d Body Wash is a unique cleanser that is whipped like a souffle! Very rich and thick with loads of fluffy bubbles. Enriched with grape seed & jojoba oils to moisturize, nourish & hydrate for more supple skin. A little goes a long way.

P1010712The formula is super thick and even looks luxurious.  It is just slightly thicker that Haus of Gloi’s whipped soap and feels like you are scooping out almost frozen whipped cream.  This lathers beautifully with a pouf or without.  This leaves skin feeling moisturized while still feeling clean.  My sister commented on how well it keeps her skin hydrated without feeling heavy or leaving residue.

Goofballs Whip’d Soap


So this particular product was a major reason I made my order.  This scent description sounded pretty close to Haus of Gloi’s Ghost Puffs and I wanted to compare the two.  I am so glad I grabbed this due to some disappointment with Ghost Puffs (that review is coming)!

Scent description: Gobs of gooey marshmallow fluff & s’creamy salted caramel, drizzled over buttery popcorn spheres, displayed on a wooden crate. Ayumm!  Fragrance notes: marshmallow fluff, buttery popcorn, salted caramel, smoky wood

This smells like sweet and creamy marshmallow!  The popcorn is there but only faintly and the wood is barley noticeable but still stops the scent from being too sweet.  This smells like marshmallow fluff covering popcorn (or Rice Crispies) drizzled with caramel with a hint of wood to ground the scent.  It is heaven!  I am a marshmallow lover (it comes a close second to vanilla) and this scent is what my dreams are made of. The best part of this soap? The scent sticks around! The scent fills the shower when you are using it and even after you have rinsed, dried off and gotten dressed you smell of lovely shmellowey goodness!  The scent isn’t as strong as a perfume would be but it is stronger than what most soaps leave.  I love it and find myself smelling myself an hour later to pick up the faint smell of marshmallow.

Pumpkinhead Whip’d Soap


Scent Description: pumpkin puree,winter squash medley, creamy vanilla milk, spicy nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, cardamom, cassia, maple rum, caramelized sugar.

For all those spice lovers out there, this is a lovely spicy scent!  The nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and cassia are the true stars here!  The maple rum is like the bass music in a song, strong and always in the background but not overwhelming.  The maple adds some sweetness a touch of booziness.  The pumpkin and squash mingle with the scents, balancing them out much like a pumpkin pie loaded with flavour.  The creamy milk and sugar stop this scent from becoming too masculine and adds a sweetness and creaminess to the scent that keeps it from being overwhelming.  To me this smells like a spicy pumpkin pie drizzled with maple rum cream and sprinkled with sugar.

This scent leaves you smelling spicy after your shower and it sticks around for about 3 hours as a strong scent before fading a little and disappearing around the 5 hour mark.  It was great layered with my Cenobite perfume.  It is a soap but it leaves a strong scent that sticks around longer than some of my perfumes!

Phantasm Whip’d Soap


Scent description: Deep, dark, bold and intoxicating. Dark spices, citron fruit, soft florals, golden resins, blonde amber and Wichita blue juniper, compounded with the dark forest and the deepest corners of your imagination…

This is a floral scent masquerading behind citrus and spice.  The citrus hits you first with the spices following close behind.  The florals, amber and resins follow close behind the round out the scent.  I liked the scent but found that the citrus and spices faded away really fast leaving only the resins, amber, juniper and florals behind.  After using it the florals linger on the skin but in a pleasant way.  I am not a huge fan of floral scents but have to admit that it smells nice and not old ladyish.  This scent lingered on the skin for about 2 hours.


I grabbed the 2 oz sample of Phantasm.  For a sample it is pretty good size and it will last at least 7 washes for me.

Kreme Body Moisturizer

P1010715Product description: Kreme is rich & dreamy, both moisturizing and conditioning, with a superior skin feel. For exceptionally soft, supple, silken skin, dip into Kreme! 


The formula for this is super light and because of this it absorbs incredibly fast.  Silken is a great description for this product as it leaves the skin feel moist and soft without feeling heavy.  Many lotions in the indie world are pretty heavy (Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter or Solstice Scents Ganache) and this was a refreshing change.  There is no heavy residue or tacky feeling, it feels like spreading lightly whipped creme all over yourself!


Ginger Glace Kreme Moisturizer

Scent description: Spicy ginger, enveloped by crunchy sugar crystals, sprinkled with amber and enveloped in the cool richness of vanilla cream.

Ginger can be quite strong and I was thankful that this ginger scent is softer and sweeter.  This smells like candied ginger topping vanilla whipped cream; a little bit nippy but overall sweet and yummy!  The amber is a soft halo around the scent and I found it to be really well balanced.  This is a soft, sweet ginger with only a hint of spiciness.  The scent really stuck around and I found that it outlasted some of my perfumes! The scent was lingering on my skin around around 8 hours total although it started to fade at the 5 hour mark.

Vetyver & Banyan Fig Kreme Moisturizer

Scent description: Fruity, earthy and insubstantial. Not too much of either. The conformance of soft florals and fruits are melded as one with the sensual notes of vetyer. Noticeable notes of black amber, kumquot, cyclamen, black currant, rosewood, teakwood, violet leaf, clingstone peach and osmanthus.

This is also a soft, well balanced scent.  The description: conformance of soft florals and fruits are melded as one with the sensual notes of vetoer, really fits this scent well.  There’s the sweetness from the peach, kumquat and black current that mingles with the floral from the cyclamen and osmanthus.  The rosewood, teakwood and violet leaf add an earthiness that grounds the scent.  This scent sticks around for only 3 hours on me but reapplying this lovely formula is not a chore!  I am not moisturized and nice smelling!

Shea Souffle


Product description: Shea Souffle has a light & fluffy texture and does not leave behind an oily film. This light body souffle absorbs quickly and has a silky after-feel.


The formula for the Shea Soufflé is thicker than the Kreme Moisturizer but is still light when applied. There is no film and it leaves you feeling soft and silky.  I kept touching my skin because it felt so nice.P1010720Scent description: a warm vanilla, with a sugary, lilting note of creamy milk.

The scent is light and creamy with a hint of sweetness.  It smells like vanilla whipped cream! My skin has a habit of making milk scents go sour but this one did pretty well.  This lasted for about an hour before starting to develop a sharp edge.  I love the formula so I wish there were other options for scent because although I love the way this smells for the first hour, I am not a gigantic fan of it for the next 3 hours.  If milk notes go sour on you but this product still interests you, grab a sample size to try first.

French Kiss Soap


Product description: luxury soap without the frills.  Try our premium ‘no frills’ bars! All the premium ingredients found in our artisan bars, without all the extra.

This soap is nice and simple but packed with scent, and loaded with moisturizing oils and butters.  I love the circular shape of the soap bar as I found it easier to hold while using it than my rectangular bars.  The lather is pretty nice, not as thick as the whipped soaps but it still feels nice on the skin.


Scent description: A troika of vanillas, interrupted by star jasmine, freesia, heliotrope & ylang-ylang, intruded upon by rosewood & musk, cloaked by shaved almonds and dusted with sugar. Soft, not too sweet, not at all dessert-like. Reminiscent of almond-vanilla-cream, but for grown-ups.

This is a sweet scent balanced out by floral notes.  The almond, vanilla and sugar round out the flowers to stop it smelling from smelling grandmaish while the flowers stop it from being too foody.  This is a warm floral scent grounded by the musk and rosewood.  It is a sweet, feminine scent.

Soap Samples!

Like the French Kiss soap, these all had a decent lather and left my skin feeling clean without feeling like it was stripped of moisture.  These have a small ingredient list but are still packed with oils to leave your skin packed with moisture.

Asian Plum

Scent description: an exotic floral fragrance comprised of notes of orchid, jasmine, plum, vanilla and musk.

This is a very floral scent and I don’t get any of the plum or vanilla.  It smells of jasmine, orchid and musk.  It is a very feminine scent that lingers even after you’ve washed it off.  This scent stuck around (close to my skin) for 2 hours.

Ginger Glace

Scent description: Spicy ginger, enveloped by crunchy sugar crystals, sprinkled with amber and enveloped in the cool richness of vanilla cream.

This soap has more amber than vanilla cream than the Kreme Moisturizer.  This smells of sweet ginger (not really spicy) and amber and lasted for an hour after showering.

Tibetan Black Tea

Scent description: strong, dark tea without any added notes.

This smells like…wait for it…black tea! This is a great black tea scent for those that don’t want anything extra.  It has a slight soapy edge but smells great for those of us who like tea notes.  This scent didn’t last too long after rinsing it off but I could smell it very faintly on my skin an hour after my shower.

Kimberly Rose

Scent description: Fresh, hand-picked Bulgarian roses, intermingled with just-cut Dune & Musk roses. set atop santalum, rained on by vanilla accord, sprinkled with cocoa bean, resinous amber, star anise & musk, and grounded with earthy green moss.

I smell like flowers! There is a slight warmth from the vanilla and the cocoa, a sweetness from the amber but this is a very earthy, rosy scent.  Many rose scents can easily turn into old lady but this is a young rose scent.  Feminine and soft, this is a lovely scent that stuck around for 3 hours after my shower.


My sister also received her order (it was a surprise) and loves it all so far.  As of yet there have been no negative reactions for either of us (which is saying something)! We agreed that our favourite product was Goofballs and I have to say that Honey Please! was a close second.

The main thing that stuck out for me was how strong the scents were! Usually my soaps scents fade away and my lotions only give me a faint scent (good for layering but not strong enough on their own).  These products had scents that stuck around for a while! I like that there are so many options for scents and that the descriptions are pretty true for real life application.

Kheimistrii quickly climbed the ranks of my favourite shops and her great customer service and prompt answers beat out a couple of fan favourites.  The only downside is the international shipping but the products were well worth it.  I loved her products and how constantly wonderful they were.  The lotions are fast absorbing without leaving a heavy residue, the soaps lathered well and left a great scent and the scrubs were scrubby!  It is reassuring to know that everything is handmade and loaded with quality ingredients.  I really encourage everyone to give this shop a chance!  For a new shop (she opened in June and only has 85 sales) she is on the right track and has great products! You can really tell that she put thought and effort into her products before opening her shop.

Her Etsy shop can be found here! Now go!


All reviews and statements are my honest personal opinions. I have purchased all the products I have written about unless otherwise explicitly stated. I have not accepted payment for any of my reviews.


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