Sixteen92 Shower Gel, Lotion and Perfume!



When I heard that Sixteen92 had a toasted marshmallow scent, I jumped right on the order train!  I had briefly looked at their scents before but only Cloven really jumped out at me so I hadn’t made an order.  My lipstick obsession has slowly made way for a bath product obsession and my fascination with perfume hasn’t gone away either!  My purchase was made September 28 and I received a shipping notification on October 8th.  It made it’s way up into Canada and arrived on the 15th of October. It came well packaged in a bubble mailer with extra bubble wrap for padding and snazzy little cardboard buffer cases for the perfume!  There were also some cute little Halloween toys in the mix!


The goods!

I ordered Shower Gel and Hand & Body Lotion, both in Toasted Marshmallow Scent, and a 5ml of Cloven.  She generously included 3 extras! My extras were Black Sugar, Raven, and a winter preview of Mexican Hot Chocolate! Claire was amazing when I contacted her and she had great customer services.  More on that in the body lotion review!


The Samples!

Since the samples were unexpected and super generous (3 for an order of 3 things!) I’ll review them first.

Black Sugar

Shop description: A dark counterpart to Aquolina’s Pink Sugar. Spun brown sugar, red berries, vanilla and tonka bean absolute dance with a sprinkle of dirt, a swirl of cauldron smoke, and a drop of bittersweet cocao absolute.  

In the vial it smells sweet and creamy; definitely getting the sugar, vanilla and tonka bean.  The dirt, berries, smoke and cocao are absent but maybe they’ll come out after it’s been applied? On the skin the berry comes out a little bit, adding an indistinct fruity scent that melds nicely with the sugar, vanilla and tonk a bean.  The vanilla backed off a bit and the tonka bean comes to the front a little more.  The cocao comes into the mix, dancing around with the berries and adding a light powder-iness to the scent.  This isn’t the baby powder scent that lots of perfumes turn into, it’s the scent you get when you open a container of cocoa when making puffed wheat squares; light and slightly chocolate with a bitter edge.  This balances the sweetness a little bit, stopping it from becoming sickly sweet.

The dirt comes out a little bit after about an hour but it isn’t a strong dirt scent.  This is like a sweet child smelling of vanilla, sugar and tonka bean went out and made you a mud pie.  After plunking their creation in front of you they smell of sweetness and the earth clinging to their hands.  This scent grounds the scent without being dirty; I would actually describe this as earth and not dirt.  It isn’t the distinct dirty scent I think of when I hear of a dirt note being included, it is a light warm scent.

The smoke never entered the picture for me but I really liked this scent anyways.  This is not one I would have thought to pick up but boy am I glad I got to try it! I love this and will be picking up a full size.  This lasted a whopping 8 hours on me and was still there faintly at about 10 hours (not enough to notice unless you were looking for it).  The silage was good for the first 2 hours and then moved closer to the skin.


Shop description: Spiced apple, tea leaves, tobacco, guaiac wood

In the vial this smells sweet although not distinctly apple with a slight nip from the tea leaves but the tobacco and wood are absent.  Once applied it almost goes floral although there are no floral notes in this perfume.  This lasts for about 30 minutes before the apple comes through with a little bit of the spice.  The perfume becomes sweet, slightly apple-y, with some warm spices around the edge.  The tea leaves balance the sweetness so that it doesn’t become overwhelming.  The tobacco sneaks in there around the 1 hour mark adding its distinct scent to the mix.

After about 1.5 hours the wood drops into the mix and takes out the other scents.  Bodies are strewn across the floor as guaiac wood stands in the middle surveying the scene.  The apple slowly crawls into the upright position, standing behind the wood but too scared to take it out and choosing instead to just hover around the edges.

This scent lasts about 5 hours but stays very close to the skin.  I had very limited silage with this one and had to put my nose right to my pulse point to pick it up.  This is a halloween scent so if you are interested you might want to pick it up before it sells out for the season!

Winter Preview

Description: Hot chocolate bar, Mexican hot chocolate.

In the vial it doesn’t smell like anything special; it’s just a typical chocolate note.  Once applied though, oh yum! Once I put this on I realized just how lovely this chocolate note is; it is incredibly creamy without going sour or being too sweet.  It is mellow and smells exactly like opening a milk chocolate bar.  After about an hour there is a hint of spice at the edge of the scent but nothing too strong.  I like how subtle the spice is as my skin seems to amp spice up and in this perfume they don’t overwhelm the chocolate.  This is a perfect, light chocolate scent.  Sometimes simple is better and for this perfume, it works wonderfully!

Sillage is awesome on this one.  I sat down in the living room and my roommate commented that this one was a good one from across the room.  She has started to make a list of everything she likes that I have tried! I also personally noticed the silage on this one (was snuggling with the Mr. and said he smelt nice then realized it was me!).  This floated around me for a good 3-4 hours before moving closer to the skin.  All in all this lasted for about 6-8 hours and is on my list to buy in a full size!




Website Description: A sweet trio of vanilla, fossilized amber resin and balsam prowl beneath a fiery mix of cardamom, cinnamon* and clove, finished with a dash of blue chamomile, damascus rose and neroli.

In the vial this is spicy and warm with just a hint of vanilla.  Once applied the vanilla shoves those spices aside so that it can get to the front of the line; my skin amps up vanilla so even as a base note it becomes fairly strong.  The spices don’t like this so much, especially cinnamon and clove who try to push vanilla back for the next 30 minutes.  Cardamom is there but he mostly just watches, waiting for his chance to jump in front of all three of them.  While the spices and vanilla scuffle at the front, the amber and balsam try to sneak around the other side, making it past the chamomile, rose and neroli but not quite past the cardamom whose sharp eyes catch them as they reach him.  They hover together, watching the scuffle that is continuing in front of them.  The chamomile, role and neroli don’t really like confrontation and prefer to stay away from trouble.  Everyonce in a while one of them steps up as if to get the attention of a teacher but they quickly shy away, almost before anyone notices them.

After about an hour, vanilla, cinnamon and clove are tuckered out and cardamom takes the opportunity to step forward.  The amber and balsam lack the confidence to follow but they stick close to the front, mingling with vanilla, cinnamon and clove.  Cardamon doesn’t overpower the other scents and the perfume works well together.  It is sweet and light yet warm and spicy.  My nose doesn’t pick up much of the neroli, rose or chamomile but everyonce in a while the scents try to come through.

This was a pretty masculine spicy scent with just enough sweetness to balance it out.  This will be slathered on the Mr. and he will then be enjoyed throughout the day (by smelling nice!).  This scent had okay silage floating around for about the first 2 hours before moving closer to my skin.  It lasted 4 hours before my skin gobbled it up!

Toasted Marshmallow Shower Gel


Super cute little cauldron bangle on the shower gel!



The scent in the bottle is divine and I couldn’t wait to shower in it.  This smells like sweet gooey marshmallows that have been lightly toasted over a fire.  To me, this smells like a toasted marshmallow tastes!

The formula is very much like Aveeno’s body wash; a light gel without being gelatinous.  In the shower this lathered beautifully (I used a shower pouf) and felt lovely on my skin.  The scent dissipated a bit once it was being used but was still there, just faint.  Once rinsed off, this left a light clean and slightly sweet (like a marshmallow) scent and my skin didn’t feel tight or dry.  This definitely replaces any of the commercial shower gels in my stash!

Toasted Marshmallow Hand and Body Lotion

P1010615 P1010617I emailed Claire about the lotion because when I opened it the seal was broken and there were little blue bits in the lotion and around the seal.  She responded immediately stating that it looked like the seal hadn’t taken and that the little blue bits were glue (it turns blue when activated) but that it was safe to use.  She offered to send me a replacement but as I am international I would feel bad having her pay the shipping for one item, especially when I plan on making an order in the near future! She assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem but said to let me know when I make my next order.

This lotion is light and goes on very smoothly.  It absorbed very fast and leaves skin feeling soft and supple without being greasy.  The scent is just like the shower gel, the smell of a toasted marshmallow.  When I applied it I noticed a sharp lotion-y scent underneath but it may have just been me as neither my roommate or boyfriend noticed it.  Again, my roommate piped up from the other side of the living room to comment on how yummy I smelt; she really has become my thermometer of silage and yummy scents.


I really liked everything I received and was pleasantly surprised that Black Sugar was so yummy.  I didn’t dislike anything and have a couple things on my to buy list!  Claire was great and replied quickly to my message leaving me feel happy with the resolution.  This is a shop to try and I hope to see it become popular.  If you want to try some of her lovely creations, you can find her shop here. Now go try stuff and decide for yourself!



My Beauty Addiction


My Beauty Addiction Samples

If my recent lipstick haul wasn’t enough, this sample haul from My Beauty Addiction may convince you of my new addiction to lipstick.  I bought 3 of the sample packs (3 for $4) during the recent back to school sale they had and got the colours Flaunt, Exotic Orchid, Cranberry, Fire Island, Bronze berry, Coral Crush, Mauvalicious, Sinful, and Red Hot.  Flaunt is a HD Lip Paint and the rest are the Color Rich Lipstick formula.  I also got a lip scrub in Frosty Mint!

For my international friends, shipping was a bit steep at $9 for this order.  I justified it with the coupon code (20% off) but I would not make a purchase without a coupon simply because of the shipping.


Samples come in clamshells and include a generous amount of the lipstick so you can get a couple wears in before you decide if you want a full size.  I used a brush to apply them but you could easily use your finger for fast and easy application.

Formula Descriptions:

The Color Rich Lipstick formula has Vitamin E and Shea Butter for a “nourishing & healing lipstick that delivers maximum colour”. This is supposed to deliver intense opaque colour and is not a sheer color, or a lip tint.

HD Lip Paints are described as very vivid and intense lipsticks that use a dye base rather than a mica base. These “intense, vivid colors that are opaque and offer great coverage, matte to semi matte finish and long wear”.


Bronze Berry

P1010035 P1010038

Bronze Berry does not have a very descriptive online description: “a cross between our Frosted Bronze and Mauvalicious making for an extrememly beautiful & unique shade!” Okay, so what does that mean? Well Frosted Bronze is described as “a warm bronzey shade that is super frosty” and Mauvalicious is “a beautiful frosted mauvy-pink with a pink/purple undertone.”  The online swatch is slightly more pink than I found it to be.

This colour is a very pretty mauve/pink bronze.  It is slightly metallic without looking like you have metal lips and applied evenly and easily.  It did not require more than one coat for the nice opaque colour in the picture!

During wear, there was minimal feathering and the formula is pretty moisturizing.  My lips did not feel dry but the lipstick needed to be re-applied after about 1-2 hours.


P1010039 P1010040

This is described as a “rich red with a pink undertone”.  This wasn’t the easiest to apply and because of this the colour isn’t as opaque as it could be.  To achieve the colour of the online swatch you would need to apply more, making it quite thick on your lips and affecting your wear time.

I found that the colour in real life was a reddish pink with a bit of shimmer.  This lasted 2 hours before needing re-application but I found it was quite drying after a while.

Exotic Orchid

P1010041 P1010044

The online swatch makes this colour seem a little more muted, but don’t be mistaken! This is a very bright purple!  I wish I could wear this colour more often but it is perfect for someone that likes to have bright, statement lips!  This is described as a “light medium purple with a hint of pink in undertone, opaque and has a semi-matte finish.”

I used 2 coats to achieve full opacity and it has a lovely semi-matte finish.  The formula was smooth and easy to apply but this colour required touchups quite often as it was obvious when it started to wear off and my natural lip colour came through.

Coral Crush

P1010046 P1010047

This is described as a “a soft peachy-pink shade with a hint of magenta underglow.”  The online swatch for this colour is a lot more pink than I found this to be.  I think this is more of a neutral pink than it is portrayed as on the website.  The magenta is just a whisper of an underglow, making this more pink than brown.

This is a nice neutral colour for when you want to do something a bit brighter on your eyes.  It lasted 3 hours before needing reapplication and was pretty moisturizing.


P1010048 P1010050

This is supposed to be a “bright, light coral/orange”.  Flaunt is the only HD Lip Paint that I got a sample of and it isn’t my favourite formula.  I found it was more difficult to apply and get even coverage, and it settles into my lines.  It was a bit patchy and streaky, and didn’t apply evenly.  The formula made my lips feel really dry too.

The online swatch isn’t quite as orange as this colour appeared in real life, as I found it to be a light coral that leaned orange but that could still be worn day to day.  This required reapplication at the 1 hour mark as I found I kept licking my lips since they felt dry.  Even with a lip balm, this colour sucked the moisture away!


P1010051 P1010052

This is described as a “beautiful frosted mauvy-pink with a pink/purple undertone”. I love this colour and the description and online swatch are almost dead on for this colour!  This has a pretty frosted appliance that stops the colour from being too bright, muting it and bringing it down to earth.

This was pretty moisturizing and I didn’t feel like my lips were dying.  It settled a bit in my lines but not too horribly.  Reapplication was required after about 2 hours.  I like this colour and think it is great for a darker look while still being work/school appropriate.

Fire Island

P1010053 P1010056

This lipstick was a pain in the butt to apply; you can tell by the swatch that it fought me!  This applied splotchy and streaky; I had to work really hard to get even coverage.  It is a shame since it is such a pretty deep red.

This is described online as a “deep spiced red with an orange undertone” and the description is very accurate.  The online swatch is more of a true red than the lipstick is in real life but matches the lipstick in the clamshell before application.  Applied I found it leans more orange (like the description says) and has a slight metallic edge.

This required reapplication after about an hour and it did not wear evenly.  It was okay for moisture, not horribly drying but not pumping moisture into my lips either.

Red Hot

P1010057 P1010058

The description of this one is that it is a “deep hot red with a hint of warmth.”  It might be a difference in lighting for the difference between the lipstick in real life and in the online swatch, but they aren’t even close.  The swatch is much more pink where I found the lipstick to be very orange in real life.


P1010059 P1010060

This is supposed to be a “rich wine/red shade” but I find it to be more of a deep brown purple shade. This colour is a beautiful deep colour that can add drama to any look even though the colour doesn’t match the online swatch at all.  The online swatch is much lighter and pinker than the lipstick in real life.

This will be a great colour for the winter months! It needed reapplication after 2 hours but was good on the moisture front.  It feathered a bit but nothing a good lip liner can’t handle.

Lip Scrub


Don’t mind my finger prints!


The lip scrub doesn’t really look anything like the picture on the website but the appearance isn’t very important to me.  I’m much more concerned with if it actually works!

This lip scrub contains shea butter, jojoba oil, cane sugar, jojoba beads, and flavour oil. You apply it to your lips with your finger, smooth your lips together and massage it in, wipe it off when the sugar dissolves, and finish off with lip balm to lock in the moisture. This applies really easily and smells awesome! It’s like a vanilla mint and tastes like one of those soft pillow mints!  My lips are left soft but not sticky after using the scrub.  This is a 10/10 for me and I want more!


I found that some of the lipsticks were awesome, and others not so much.  Most of them were the same formula so the application issues and varying moisturizing qualities can’t be attributed to the formula.  Maybe I got a couple fluke samples? It is possible that a couple had dried out a little in the clamshells.

Overall it was a pretty good experience, more good than bad.  I will be getting more of the lips scrub but think I will pass on full sized lipsticks; I have so many already (61) that I don’t feel the absolute need to buy any of these in full size. Bronze Berry, Coral Crush, and Mauvalicious were my favourites out of my order, not including the lip scrub which was a big winner.

All in all, they’re worth a try if you’ve got a coupon code.  The samples were generous and you can get a couple uses out of them, especially if you use a brush to apply.

Darling Clandestine


Everything! Falloween Included

This store has quickly become one of my favourites based on customer service alone! I placed this order in August and Evonne was nice enough to hold it for me until the Falloween release.  Not only did she hold it but when I received it I realized she had upgraded my La Malinche lip balm sample to a full size! Seriously awesome customer service peoples!  It doesn’t hurt that I really liked the products as well, especially the lip balms!  Everything came well wrapped, each in their own separate papers and baggies. Nothing leaked or was damaged so it has been decided that saltwater taffy is a pretty good padding option! The package looked a little worse for wear when it arrived so I was super relieved when everything was in perfect shape.


My August Order

I ordered Bitsy’s of Harpy, Small Saga, and Ballyhoo as well as a solid Bitsy of Step Right Up, and samples of Bifrost and La Malinche lip balms.


Harpy, Small Saga, and Ballyhoo

Harpy’s description: a sailor’s delight, with notes of sea salt and dark bay rum, milk and coconut squeezed with bitter lime.

On cold sniff the lime is in the forefront all sharp and bright.  The coconut and milk come up right behind, rounding out the citrus with a bit of sweetness.  I catch a hint of the sea salt floating around the edges keeping it from being overwhelmingly sweet but the bay rum doesn’t appear for me.  Once applied, the rum stumbles onto the stage adding its unmistakable boozy scent to the mix.  The lime is still stealing the spotlight but it is citrusy without being artificial.  The coconut is trying to inch the lime out a little bit but lime hold strong creating a lovely balance between the sweetness of the coconut and the sharpness of the lime. The milk and the sea salt have buddied up to round out the scent, preventing it from becoming too sweet.

After about 30 minutes the lime steps back a little bit, allowing the coconut to shine.  There is still a distinct lime scent but it is lighter than before.  The coconut motions the milk and salt to come join it and the inch forwards a bit more.  The scent is now a sweet, warm and creamy coconut and milk, with a slight bite from the sea salt and lime.  The rum is still stumbling around and adding the warm boozy scent that rum adds.  This is beachy without being artificial which has been the issue with most tropical scents I have tried. This had pretty good sillage and I could smell it around me for a good 3-4 hours before it started to fade.  It clung close to my skin for another hour before it started to dissipate. This scent makes me want a pina colada and a sunny beach. Anyone want to join me?

Small Saga is described as: Figs and apricot wine and sweet cream unfolding into a mellow, soft wood. Deceptively creamy at first whiff, but then comes the Darling Clandestine complexity you’ve come to know and love.

On cold sniff this is all fig and cream, so sweet and delicious you just want to eat it! There is a slight hint of apricot at the tale end but the real fun begins when it is applied.  The sweet cream and figs blend perfectly with the apricot wine, mingling perfectly for the first couple minutes.  As it dries, the cream starts to take a step back and there is a warm woody scent that starts to envelop the sweetness.  The sweet fig and apricot are juxtaposed with the warmth of the wood. I’m not sure why but I always find wood scents to feel warm! This works perfectly with this perfume as it balances the sugary figs and apricot, adding depth to the cream.  The scents are constantly shifting and mingling, almost becoming floral at times and powdery others.  This lasted 3 hours before moving closer to my skin for another hour, last 4 hours total before moving on.

The description for Ballyhoo: A surprising melange of amber and sage and fig and spice with notes of creamy coffee and lime and dozens of other fascinating notes. Thoroughly appropriate for bold ladies and gents.

This one is hard to place on cold sniff.  I get some lime and amber with a bit of sage floating around with some other scents that I can’t place.  Just as you think that’s it, the coffee jumps out for the surprise encore.  Once applied the fig and spice join the party while the coffee continues to hang around the edges.  There’s something with a bit of zing (almost reminds me of Haus of Gloi’s Zazz) in there too but I can’t quite place it.  After about an hour the scent is balanced, sweet with a bit of spice, a bit of bitterness and a touch of cream, a flutter of floral and a zing of something.  It’s a wonderfully complex scent that is incredibly difficult to describe! This was strong for about 5 hours before disappearing.  It moved closer to the skin for maybe an hour before it was just gone.



Step Right Up

Step Right Up is described as: a clean, oceanic, very unisex fragrance with notes of tea and vanilla and wood and spice

On cold sniff this is all spice and ocean! It’s a yummy spicy, salty, wet scent.  When applied the bitterness of the tea blossoms, perfectly blending with the spice and the clean salty ocean.  The vanilla and wood come out around the edges, grounding the scent. The vanilla gets stronger, the clean ocean scent stepping back a bit.  The spice stays strong, accentuated by the warmth of the wood.  This stayed closer to my skin as I find solids do but I still caught whiffs of it here and there for about 3 hours.  After the 3 hour mark I could still smell it but only when my nose got up close and comfortable with my pulse point. I love this scent and would love to compare it to the oil form.  I’ve put a full size of the solid on my list!


Cute little sample!


Bifrost Lip Balm Sample

Bifrost is a Coconut Peppermint lip balm described as, “a lip balm as brisk and luscious as I imagine the air would taste as you cross that rainbow bridge.” Ohmygosh, I love this! It is warm and sweet with a nip of cold peppermint.  I shoved this under my mans nose commenting on how it smelled warm and cold at the same time.  He was surprised but agreed that it was an interesting sensation.  The sweet coconut gives this scent a sense of warmth while the peppermint tingles your nose like a winters breeze.  I really do like this one.  The peppermint makes your lips tingle and permeates the air around you like a chill sneaking through the crack in the door.  The coconut sweetens the scent, adding that strange warmth to the scent.


La Malinche Lip Balm

La Malinche is flavoured (well scented since the balms are unsweetened) as Atole de Chocolate.  As noted above, Evonne generously upgraded my La Malinche lip balm to a full size and boy am I glad! Not only because it was incredibly generous but because I’m in loveee. I love this balm, it is incredibly moisturizing without being greasy. This goes for the Bifrost as well!  The formula is lovely and I find that it works well before lipstick in the morning, as well as applied thickly at night for a night lip treatment.  This smells chocolaty and sweet, there’s a hint of vanilla and the slightest ghost of cinnamon.  I like it because I find that cinnamon can easily take over a scent and for this it stays in the background, allowing the sweetness of the chocolate and vanilla take centre stage.


I liked everything from my Darling Clandestine order (yay!!)!  I highly recommend that you try her perfumes and balms out as she has a large selection that is sure to have a little something for everyone.  Her shop is currently closed for another week or two but she did mention that there should be some Falloween items in the shop when she comes back! When she opens up again you can find her here.