Brazen Cosmetics UltraGlaze Lipgloss


P1000887I purchased a mixed lot of makeup from a user on Reddit and was excited to receive 2 samples and a full sized gloss from Brazen Cosmetics! These are the UltraGlaze™ High-Performance Antioxidant Lipgloss made by Brazen Cosmetics and they boast being thick and creamy without being sticky, while having intense colour in just one swipe.  The glosses are described as not being a “run-of-the-mill gloss” as they have antioxidants, vitamin E and C plus green tea extract to give you younger looking lips.



Bare Lips for Reference

Say My Name


One swipe top and bottom

This is a limited edition colour that is currently still available (here).  It is described as a “rich intoxicating copper with bright red tones, slightly metallic and sparkling.”  The description is pretty accurate although when they say it is slightly metallic and sparkling they really mean slightly.  This is not matte by any means but it has just a tiny amount of a metallic appearance and it only barely sparkles.  It is a lovely colour that has a huge colour payout; the swatch is with only one swipe! The formula is nice and smooth, not sticky at all, and wears very well.  The colour lasted for 3 hours before starting to fade.  It lasted through 3 glasses of water and a snack.  The colour wore off very evenly so you were not left with uneven colour around the lips.


P1000892This colour does not appear to be available on the website and I was unable to find a description to compare it to.  Much like Say My Name, this has great colour payoff! I applied this using a lip brush to get a nice thin layer and the colour is still amazing.  This is a very metallic colour that has more copper and red in it than Centerfold but more gold than Say My Name.  The formula is awesome and the colour wore very well lasting 4 hours and surviving a meal and 2 drinks.



This colour does not appear to be available on the website and I was unable to find a description to compare it to. This has a lot of gold in it and has full opacity with very little product. I’m really loving this formula and how long the gloss wears.  This lasted about 3 hours before starting to wear and lived through a meal and 1 bottle of water.


I love these glosses! The formula is awesome; long wearing and not at all sticky.  The colour payoff is fantastic and you require very little product to achieve full opacity.  I also really liked how the samples came in a pot with a screw off top instead of a clamshell (creations of the devil).  Currently the glosses are on sale on Brazens website for $10.99 (USD) for a full size (regular $12.99) if you so desire to grab a couple.  I’m thinking of picking up a couple more and trying out the liquid lipstick they offer…because I need more lip stuff right?

(All reviews and statements are my honest personal opinions. I have purchased all the products I have written about unless otherwise explicitly stated)


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