Ipsy July Subscription


After coming back from the city (work trip, yayyyy) there was a bundle of packages sitting in my mail box, including a familiar pink bubble mailer! I opened it up right away to find my goodies!  This month I received a hair treatment, a sunscreen moisturizer, eyeshadow, a lip/cheek tint, and another mascara. The makeup bag isn’t my favourite due to size and quality but it’s not really a big deal since it’s really the makeup we get the subscription for!

P1000834 P1000835 The Products!

We will start with the mascara for this review.  I received Pür Minerals Big Look Waterproof Mascara and as you all know, I am always looking for good waterproof products!  An added plus is that Pür Minerals is a cruelty free company that also has a wide range of paraben-free, gluten-free and vegan friendly products. P1000836The packaging is pretty nice, very reminiscent of my MAC Aquatic lipstick with the water droplets on the top part! It’s a nice size and the colour means I can easily tell it apart from the rest of my mascaras (pretty much all black packaging). Now, normally colour would just be a cosmetic thing but it is really handy to be able to tell my waterproof mascaras from my normal mascaras.  When I know I am going to be in the pool I don’t want to have to dig through my stash to find a mascara that will work. P1000837After removing the wand I am a little unsure how easily it will be to put on as the wand grabs a lot of product! The guard at the opening of the container is supposed to stop any clumps from being on the wand but it didn’t seem to do anything.  If the mascara is clumpy on the wand, how will it be on my lashes? P1000846 The colour seems to be a nice opaque black but you can really tell that the wand holds a lot of product! Normally I wiggle my wands into the base of my lashes to get nice coverage but with the amount of product on this wand, this was really not a good idea.  I don’t advise it, it was a mess! Try #2 was a little better and I used a much lighter hand.  The results were better but I still had a couple bunches of lashes stick together and eventually had to pull out my lash comb.


As for the waterproof test this isn’t the worst I’ve tried but overall it isn’t my favourite either.  It is waterproof in that it didn’t run down my face and give me major racoon eye. I found that instead, once in the water it flaked off and transferred a bit onto my upper lid but keep in mind that I am in the water much longer than the average person so my wear tests are at the extreme end.  If you were only out for a leisurely swim or a nice hot tub party, this wouldn’t be a bad choice but if you’re hoping to have mascara left on your lashes at the end of the night, this isn’t the best mascara out there for that. I give this a 6/10 and I would not personally buy this on my own.  I found that it was difficult to put on and did not give me the volume or the length I would’ve liked from it.  It gets a little bit of a higher rating for its performance in the water as it lasted longer than most and didn’t run down my cheeks but it did flake off.  Easier application and lashes that looked less spider-leggy would have landed this mascara a much higher rating.

Next up is the Marrakesh Endz hair treatment! P1000838 Usually I’m not big on oil treatments because I find them to be pretty messy and leave my hands feeling covered in oil that ends up everywhere! This one was not as expected and was closer to a leave in conditioner than the oil treatments I’ve tried. P1000939


Hair Before!

The instructions say to use on wet or dry hair, combing through and concentrating on the ends before styling as usual. I used the treatment on damp hair and was very pleasantly surprised!


Hair After! Look at that curl!

I found that the formula was very light and not at all sticky.  It was easy to distribute evenly through my hair and did not leave a residue on my hands.  The light formula did not make my hair heavy or leave it looking greasy, instead it defined my curls and left my hair feeling soft and light. My hair was soft and fluffy all day but the real test was to see if my hair felt dirty or grimy the next day as I find many leave in treatments are great on day 1 but leave my hair feeling dirty and looking dull on day 2.  Day 2 and day 3 (!) were just as good as day 1 with my hair feeling super soft and looking glossy.  I was very impressed with this product and this is something that I would buy in a full size for sure! I give this a 10/10 and will be looking to pick up a bottle to add to my hair stuffs! Pur~lisse Pur~protect Essential Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 for normal to dry skin is next on the list! P1000839First thing I have to say about this is that it smells awesome! It’s kind of citrusy and fresh and it’s great for first thing in the morning to brighten your day.  It also applies really nicely and doesn’t leave a white cast or feel greasy.  It sinks into the skin and leaves a soft dewy look without leaving you looking like you need to wash your face.  If the dewy look isn’t your thing a finishing powder toned it down quickly and it also worked really well under foundation. The formula is nice and light so you don’t feel like you have a heavy layer of sunscreen on and yet you get some pretty good protection from the SPF 30.  This moisturizer didn’t clog my pores and my very sensitive combination skin loved it! It was very moisturizing and I find myself reaching for this every morning now.  I want a full size of this product and I give it a 10/10!

bareMinerals READY® Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Inspiration (shade)

I love my indie makeup but loose pigments do not travel exceptionally well and they can be pretty bulky to carry around.  I love little compacts of eyeshadow and blush that I can easily take with me on a short trip so that I don’t need to worry about loose pigments.


Pretty little cardboard packaging.


Quarter for size, so cute!

This cute little compact is the perfect size for me to take with me on a short weekend trip!


It came with some instructions for a simple look.


Left – Right: Urban Decay Potion Primer in Eden, Bare Skin, Darling Girl Glitter Glue


Left – Right: Urban Decay Potion Primer in Eden, Bare Skin, Darling Girl Glitter Glue

After using indie makeup I have pretty high expectations for pigmentation and application.  The colours in the The Inspiration compact are decently pigmented and the sheer gold colour applied very smoothly.  The purple colour applied nicely but had some gold in it that showed up more in some spots than others.  Both of the shadows require a primer of some sort but both blend very well.

I will definitely use this but probably won’t buy more due to personal preference. I give this compact a 8/10 as the colours are nice but the gold in the purple doesn’t apply very evenly and the colours aren’t really anything special.

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass in Cherry


This is a dual purpose tint that is supposed to work on both cheeks as a blush and on lips as a stain.  It is a light liquid formula with a doe foot applicator.


No product….lots of freckles though!


Tint on the checks blended out.

Apologies for the different lighting; the sunlight kept changing! For application on the cheeks I applied it directly to my face in the general area, not using too much as it does blend out and I didn’t want blush down to my chin. It was a little bit difficult to blend out as I am not really used to using a tint on my cheeks but it left a nice light pink colour.  It wasn’t sticky and worked well over foundation when I used it for my normal makeup.  Application is a little easier if you use a sponge; apply tint to the sponge and then dab on desired areas before blending out.


Bare Lips


1 swipe of tint on top and bottom

On the lips the tint works really well as it is not sticky and dries very fast without leaving your lips feeling dry.  It stains the lips a nice pink and lasts about 5 hours before wearing off.  When it does wear off it wears pretty evenly leaving only a hint of ‘ring around the lips’. This is a pretty nice product that works well on both the lips and the cheeks. I give it a 9/10 as I loved the way it dried and didn’t leave a sticky feeling, it didn’t dry out the lips, and could be built up to a brighter stain.  It was a little difficult to figure out application on the cheeks so that it didn’t end up all over but that just takes practice.


This months subscription was awesome and I will actually use most of the products.  It was a lot of bang for my buck and I will be buying some full sizes.  So far I am pretty impressed with the Ipsy subscriptions and I can’t wait for my August glam bag!

All reviews and statements are my honest personal opinions. I have purchased all the products I have written about unless otherwise explicitly stated. 


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