June Ipsy Subscription


I finally got my first Ipsy subscription! Finding a subscription service that ships to Canada and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is pretty difficult but when I found Ipsy I had to put my name on the list! I had read so many good reviews and wanted to try it out for myself.  After 2 weeks I got an email that invited me to skip the line and get the subscription if I liked the Facebook page and YouTube channels.  I did that and today I received my June subscription!


Pink Bubble Mailer!


My June subscription included a lovely bag, OleHenriksen Truth to Go wipes, NYX Lip Butter in Eclair (BLG02), Jesse’s Girl waterproof liquid eyeliner, Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara, and Marc Anthony’s Dream Waves Beach Spray.



Product Reviews:


Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara

So this mascara is good for length but if you’re a a volume girl like myself, I would pair it with another mascara.  It was a nice deep black and lasted pretty well throughout the day.

P1000594The brush is not my favourite as I found that it made it difficult to apply an even coat and I would get sections of eyelashes that had tons of mascara and sections that had almost nothing.  Clumping was also a bit of an issue and I had to brush out my lashes a couple times to get the clumps out as well as to separate my lashes.

I give this mascara a 6/10 as it provided good length and lasted throughout the day, but I had to work with it to get even coverage on my lashes.  Using a different wand does help a bit but shouldn’t a mascara come with a wand you already like?  This is not something I will buy personally but for anyone that likes length it is worth a shot.  I will be giving this to my sister for her to try it out.


Jesse’s Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

I love a good liquid eyeliner but as a swim instructor you just can’t beat a good waterproof product! They are so hard to find and end up flaking off or running down your face anyways.  This eyeliner is super pretty to look at but how is it to use?

P1000588 P1000591

The liner was pretty easy to use but you do need a steady hand. It left a nice crisp, black line and I found it easy to apply with precision.  It did not work for tight-lining for me but I liked how easy it was to use for basic liner. Plus, it’s pretty.

photo 1

Sadly after only an hour I noticed it was starting to transfer onto the top of my lid.  This only got worse and I wasn’t even in the water or in a hot environment!

photo 2After about 1 1/2 hours I noticed that it felt like my eyelid was sticking when I blinked, and when I took a look the transfer was worse.  I do not have oily lids, was inside and was not sweating so I am not sure why this liner didn’t want to stay put.

I give this liner a 4/10 as it was really easy to use, left a crisp black line, and allowed for precision.  It looses points as it didn’t even last 2 hours before it started to transfer and cause problems.  I do not have oily lids and was not in an environment that would cause this, plus it’s supposed to be waterproof! I may give it another chance in the future but for now it is a no buy for me.


NYX Lip Butter in Eclair

NYX is a company I have only recently discovered since it is harder to find in Canada.  I found a pretty good selection to be in London Drugs and Save On Foods but there are still some products you can’t buy here (I’m looking at you Taupe blush!)

P1000691P1000745This had nice coverage and applied smoothly.  I found it to be pretty moisturizing but it felt a bit heavy on my lips.  I am used to tinted balms though so I am not used to a true gloss.  I don’t use glosses like this as I live in a Canadian city known for our wind so I either get streaks of gloss across my cheeks from my hair or gritty lips resulting in me wiping it off.  This was a bit too sticky for my taste.

I liked this for the moisturizing effects but it isn’t wearable in my daily life.  It’s a nice colour and I am glad I was able to try this out as I have been looking at raves about this product but it is just not for me. I give this a 8/10 as it had nice colour, smooth texture, good coverage and was moisturizing.  It lost points with me due to the stickiness of the formula and the heaviness (although that might just be me being weird).


Marc Anthony Beach Spray

So I have naturally beachy waves if I let my hair air dry but was interested to see if this would help define those waves and curls and allow me to exercise a little bit of control over my unruly hair.    My hair is naturally very thick and coarse and many products don’t do a whole lot for me.


This is my natural hair without product but after sleeping on it and brushing it out.  You can see it has some wave but no real definition.

P1000584After using the spray the waves and curl have a bit more definition and I was able to shape some of them the way I wanted but it didn’t make a huge difference. I did find that the curl lasted for about 6 hours without adding any extra spray but it also left my hair a tiny bit crunchy.

I give this a 7/10 as it did provide some definition and added wave to my hair.  It also lasted pretty long and I didn’t have to worry about what my hair was doing for the day.  It did leave my hair a bit crunchy and I feel that it would only really work for people that already have some natural curl/wave in their hair.


OleHenriksen Truth to Go wipes

So my favourite little trick is to keep cleansing wipes in my nightstand incase I get snuggled into bed only to realize that I haven’t washed my face! Now, if I put on a full face of makeup I will get my bum out of bed and head to the bathroom but on the days I have been in the pool or was to lazy to put makeup on, I reach for those badboys and ‘wash’ my face.  So easy and you get to stay snuggled in the warm covers.

These wipes smell awesome, very fresh and orangey.  I did find them to be a bit abrasive but they took off my makeup really well.  One concern I did have was that my skin felt pretty tight after using these, which tells me that they stripped a lot of my skins moisture from it.  I always moisturize but felt I needed to use extra moisturizer after using these wipes.

I give these a 5/10 as they smell nice and they do their job but they just weren’t for me.  I’m a chemical exfoliant type of girl and these wipes were just too abrasive for my sensitive skin.  They also left me feeling tight and dry and for that reason I only give it half points.  Everyones preferences are different but these are not my favourite wipes.


So I can’t say whether to subscribe to Ipsy or not as 1 package is not enough to really give you a good idea of whether it is worth it or not, but I will say that if the rest of the subscription service involves more products like this then I’m going to be subscribed for a while! For $10 a month, I think it was a super good bang for my buck and hope that the rest of them are just as good.

If you are interested in Ipsy you can find them here.


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