Custom Shadows with Hello Waffle Cosmetics!


So I have a pretty exciting post for you all today!  I have recently delved into the world of indie makeup and have lots to show you all but what better way to start of my indie makeup posts than to show off my wonderful custom shadows!?

Christine, the amazing owner of Hello Waffle, will be adding custom cosmetics to her shop! I’ll give you all a moment to squeal in delight and do a mini happy dance.  Yup, it’s awesome!

I was looking to do custom shadows as a gift for my sister but wanted them to be from a store I was familiar with.  I had just received my latest order from her and loved everything (so pigmented and smooth!) so I figured I would ask Christine if she would do custom shadows for me, worst she could say was no right?  She replied right away saying that she could definitely do the custom shadows and it is something she has been considering adding to the shop!

I told her the names of was thinking of, and described the colours I had imagined and she gave me input of what else might work.  We decided on 3 colours to do that would fit with the names and she started right away, which I didn’t expect with the recent sale in her shop!  Christine sent me swatches of the colours as she worked on them so that I could add in my input, she was super accommodating and I really can’t say enough about how much fun I had working with her.  I can be a little of a control freak to be honest and she really made me feel comfortable with being involved.  I never felt like I couldn’t say no or was pressured to accept something I didn’t like.  She really seemed to just get my vision for these colours!  She even told me I was laid back and fun to work with!!! Yes, that deserves extra exclamation points, I told my mom that and she laughed.  I’m one of those people that thinks teaching someone how to do something means just doing it myself.

But seriously, this was a super fun experience.  One of the shadows didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to and Christine was the first to say she didn’t think it fit my vision.  She has this ability to really see what you see and was just as disappointed that it wasn’t going to work out.  We moved on and she created another amazing shadow that is so much better than what I was originally thinking.

The Colours!


The names come from nicknames for my sister.  She has a name that is hard to make fun of and Turkey Toes is part of a rhyme we used to bug her when she was little.  Her other nickname was Pirate but she hated that one, plus I couldn’t think of a shadow that would fit the name and that she would like. June Bug is because she’s a June baby and Ary Rose is a shortened version of her name…it’s the nicer version of what I call her! I’d tell you what that is but she might kill me, so I think I’ll play it safe.


June Bug: I asked for a pinky coral colour with a blue green shift.  Christine had me send her some images of what I was thinking for the coral colour, which I though was brilliant. She nailed the coral I was imagining and the shadow ended up being a coral with a hint of blue sparkle and a blue/green shift.


Ary Rose: A light pink with a purple shift is what I imagined.  Christine delivered with the most beautiful shadow! It is pink with a strong violet duo-chrome! Love, love, love this colour!


Turkey ToesSo I was thinking of a brown with a green duo-chrome but when Christine tried to create it, the pigments and mica fought her.  The duo-chrome made the brown look ashy and grey so she added some copper and it ended up being a copper brown with green qualities and green sparkles.  It is still a lovely colour, my sister just wouldn’t get very much use out of it. So, we changed our minds and came up with a whole new idea!  By then I had received an idea from my sister for a colour after asking her what she normally wore. I quote, “Sagey golden green, you know, like a pretty blue green with gold.  Like moms kitchen!”  So there it was, I asked for a golden sage green and the colour came out beautifully! Christine is a colour genius.

Alright, on to the good stuff! The part I know you have all been waiting for, the swatches!

Swatches from Hello Waffle!

These are the swatches that Christine sent me along the way!


First Image: Top swatch is Ary Rose, bottom is June Bug.  These were done over Glitter Glue.  Beautiful huh?  Christine mentioned that June Bug would make a great blush and I think it would be super pretty! So maybe, just maybe, you should watch for that 😉

Second Image: Top and bottom are Ary Rose (top on Glitter Glue, bottom on Shadow Insurance), Middle is June Bug with a little more blue shift added.

photo-19This is the first attempt at Turkey Toes.  It’s a really pretty colour, just not quite what I was thinking. Top is over Shadow Insurance, bottom is over Glitter Glue.


This is what Turkey Toes became!  Both are over Glitter Glue. The second image is of the final colour as I had requested she add a smidgin more blue.  It’s such a beautiful colour, I’m tickled with how it turned out.  It doesn’t necessarily match it’s name but I figure there has to be a turkey out there with greenish looking toes…

My Swatches

I was so excited to get my hands on these! Christine was nice enough to include some of the extra so that I could have the shadows as well! So you guys get swatches and my sister gets unused eyeshadow.


Artificial light: Turkey Toes on the left, Ary Rose, then June Bug on the right. Top is over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, middle is bare skin, and bottom is over Glitter Glue.

P1000478Indirect Natural Light: Turkey Toes on the left, Ary Rose, then June Bug on the right. Top is over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, middle is bare skin, and bottom is over Glitter Glue.

Turkey Toes: Left is over Glitter Glue, middle is bare skin, and right is Too Faced Shadow Insurance. First 2 pictures are indirect natural light, last picture in artificial light.


P1000479 Look at that gold shift! So pretty!


Ary Rose: Left is over Glitter Glue, middle is bare skin, and right is Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  Indirect natural light for the first 3, last 2 are artificial light.


Look at that pretty shift! And you can see the sparkles a bit too!



The Glitter Glue captures the colour the best for sure.


Definitely needs the Glitter Glue although it is still pretty over the Shadow Insurance.

P1000499 P1000502 June Bug: Left is over Glitter Glue, middle is bare skin, and right is Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  Indirect natural light for the first 3, last 2 are artificial light.


That Glitter Glue! Really makes the colour shine.



Look at dem sparkles!

P1000487 P1000486 P1000494


So yeah, this was a fantastic experience.  Christine is awesome, the colours are fantastic, and my sister loves them!  I can’t say enough about how super lovely Christine is so instead I will just send you all in her direction! Her shop is Hello Waffle and you can buy her wonderful cosmetics, including lip stuffs and blushes, here!  Seriously, go buy stuff.  Her products are beautiful.  I’ll be posting the rest of my haul soon! Yes….there’s more.


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