Missha Super Aqua Cream


photo-13I’ve heard a bit about this cream and was happy to see some samples in my eopenmarket sample pack.  I have been using it the past couple of days to get a good idea of how it works with my skin.

The Product:

This is a light feeling facial cream that has a light floral perfume scent.  It feels really silky on the skin and absorbed really fast into my skin.  It did leave an interesting feel on the skin after being applied; it felt almost like there was a film on top of my skin.  It wasn’t greasy but felt more like that Gloves in a Bottle lotion that you can buy, but on my face.  It wasn’t unpleasant but took a little bit to get used to. It applies really smoothly and I found that a little went a long way as I used a pea sized amount for my entire face.  It was really easy to evenly disperse and didn’t ball up when I applied primer and makeup over top in the morning.

My Thoughts:

This is a nice lotion, moisturizing and nice to use.  It didn’t block my pores and it worked well with my routine.  It isn’t a holy grail product for me but it was certainly nice to try.  I wouldn’t pay full price for a full size bottle of this but if it was on sale I would certainly grab a bottle!

All in all it is a nice lotion.  For my skin it wasn’t anything extra special but it is a nice fall back to have if I want to ensure I am using something that won’t block my pores.  I would suggest trying it out for sure as many have really loved this lotion! Who knows, maybe this will be your holy grail!

(All reviews and statements are my honest opinions, and all products are purchased by me unless otherwise explicitly stated.)



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