Etude House Lip Tints


Next on the review list are the Etude House lip tints, which I received in both pink (shade PK001) and red (shade RD301).

IMG_2694So first thing I noticed is that the colours are very bright; the colour was almost impossible to capture in a way that does it justice.  The colours are very vibrant.  The second thing was the scent.  These tints are very strongly scented with a sugary sweet fake cherry scent.  If you are sensitive to scents then I would be very cautious with these as the scent made me feel slightly nauseous.


The swatches are done in natural light.  You can see better here how bright the colours are.


The tints also stain very fast.  I had applied the tints, snapped the picture and wiped them off all in less than a minute and these are the resulting stains:IMG_2692

The stains in this image are harder to see but this picture was taken 6 hours later, after I worked a shift. Not impressed? I work at a pool and taught swimming lessons for 2 hours then showered.  Yeah, the stains survived all that!IMG_2733

Wear Tests:

These are my bare lips:

IMG_2797First tint up is the red! This is just after applying.  Since this stains so fast I found it easier to use a q-tip to apply as it allows for more precision as well as means that I don’t look like my fingers have been attacked by a paint pot.


After about an hour:

IMG_27293 hours after application:photo 3-25 hours after application:

photo 4

Pink tint time! So the first image is immediately after application and you can see that it is pretty bright although the camera was unable to capture the depth of the colour.  This is very bright colour!


After about an hour:



This colour wore out a lot faster than the red tint did. This is 3 hours after application:

photo 1-3And finally after 5 hours of application:

photo 1-3


The Nitty Gritty:

As you can see, since it is a stain and not a lipstick or gloss there is no redistribution of colour when you smush your lips (you know, that thing you do after you put on lipstick?) and so it wears unevenly.   This made it look like I was wearing lipliner but had forgotten to fill in the rest of the lip. I also found the tints to be very drying and had to use lip balm throughout the day (more than I normally do) in order to hydrate the desert that had moved onto my lips.

As I mentioned earlier, these tints are very strongly scented and anyone sensitive to strong scents should tread lightly with these products.  They were not flavoured and in this case that is a good thing as that would encourage licking of the lips, which would cause more wear.  As they already wear unevenly this would make that worse.

All in all, these weren’t my favourite.  The colours were a bit too bright for my taste but they would be good for someone who likes strong, vibrant colours.  The way they wore throughout the day makes reapplication a requirement and I found them to be very drying.  The scent and the messy application sealed the deal for me on these and this is not a product that I would buy in the full size.


(All reviews and statements are my honest opinions, and all products are purchased by me unless otherwise explicitly stated.)




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