I’m kicking off my blog posts with the first order I had come in the mail today from eopenmarket.com!  The owner of this store owns  a popular account on Ebay and branched out into a full online store featuring asian beauty products.  I heard about this site through a popular online community, Reddit (shout out to the ladies at /r/asianbeauty!).  The site can be a little hard to navigate but in my opinion it is worth it as the products are genuine, which can be tricky as some counterfeits are really well done, and they offer reasonable shipping and prices.

As I am just starting my journey into indie makeup and asian products, I decided to order their sample pack the ‘Lucky Box’ which came to $6.80 USD.  I am in Canada so I was pleasantly surprised when shipping was only $3.80 USD.  I believe it goes up for full sized products but that is still ridiculously reasonable compared to some other sites I have been to.  I ordered on the 17th of April and it arrived on the 6th of May so not too bad for shipping time especially since it travelled quite a distance.

I was expecting maybe 1 or 2 samples of 5-6 products and was tickled when the little box arrived in the mail.  Here’s the deal, it never seemed to end! It was like Mary Poppins purse in this box.  This tiny little box was jammed packed full of samples. In all there were samples for 18 different products, most with multiples!  Including shipping costs, the cost breakdown ends up being $0.27 (USD) a sample, which is awesome! Usually samples cost about $5 for 3 samples, $1.67 (USD) a sample so this is an awesome deal.

When I saw the Wonder Pore at the top of the box I did a little happy dance as I have been eyeing this set of products for the last couple days and wanted to try them without buying full sizes.

photo 2-4

Look at all those goodies!

photo 4

photo 2-3 photo 1-3 photo 3-2I’m really looking forward to trying the different BB creams and comparing them as there are so many on the market (so look for that upcoming review!)

In summary I would recommend this Lucky Pack from eopenmarket.com for anyone who is new to asian beauty products and wants to try some different things but doesn’t know where to start.  In my opinion it was really good bang for my buck, the shipping was reasonable and it came relatively fast. Definitely will buy from this shop again and will probably order another sample pack in the future!

(All reviews and statements are my honest opinions, and all products are purchased by me unless otherwise explicitly stated.)


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